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About Einheit
Company Profile/

▎Company Profile

  Shanghai Einheit Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and service of liquid control equipment.

  Einheti company has a group of management talents with international vision and professional service spirit, strong design team, and technical cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to develop liquid control equipment that is more in line with the production process. Provide customers with technical consulting, design positioning, process integration and other full-process services. Committed to providing complete, industrial solutions for liquid control equipment with precise, efficient, Eco-friendly.

  Company is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

▎Company background

  Shanghai Einheit Machinery Co., Ltd. was formerly from Shanghai MS Industrial Co., Ltd., MS was established in 2005, an agent of Henkel and ITW glue, also design and manufacture liquid control equipment.

▎Business Scope

  The company's equipment cover electronics, purification, automotive, industrial filter, explosion-proof lamps, electric cabinets, home appliance, solar energy, water treatment and other industries, export to United States, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia and others.

▎Company philosophy

  The company adheres to the design concept of“precise, efficient, Eco-friendly”.

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